Ohio Cyber Dialogue with Industry - May 10-11, 2016 - Dayton, Ohio
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Big Cyber has us all connected at a level unimaginable only 10 years ago. NETGOV predicts that by "2020, more than 200 billion sensors will produce data on everything from human hearts to heavy construction equipment to ocean seafloors -- and all of it will flow through the Internet".  This means Big Cyber will directly affect 300 million people in the U.S. and require a level of resiliency that is a significant challenge to both Government and Commercial industry.   Attending this conference will help you understand what it means to be Cyber Resilient and how both government and industry are approaching it and the opportunities it presents. As a low cost alternative weapon of mass destruction, this national security risk needs to be understood, addressed, and countered at all levels of our community.

DaytonDefense is committed to ensuring our community understands this threat, and is equipped to counter it. Be a force that addresses this next big evolution in national security threats and not a victim by attending our Ohio Cyber Dialogue with Industry event.

Our Dialogue event presents how Cyber Security affects you, your company, and our nation, along with business opportunities in this growing area.  You will walk away with an understanding of not only what training is needed to counter such a threat, but also where you will find business opportunities in countering that threat. This is our third Ohio Cyber Dialogue event and we are confident it will be good. Our speaker line up is excellent!   Please note the location The Hope Hotel and Conference Center, WPAFB, OHIO. You do not need a base pass to get to the hotel. 

New this year! DD2345 Required - Apply Early - click here to learn more

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